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Without proper optimization, a website is nothing more than a digital flyer, floating aimlessly around the internet, waiting to be thrown into a trash bin.” -Anonymous

Create A Digital Asset For Your Business –

Get Started For Free! Imagine having a website design that was actually worth something, monetarily.  A business card is not an asset, but a website should be. That is exactly how a properly designed website works.  It brings your business customers, converting them into sales, aka money.  Without any real effort on your part.  Many people completely miss the point, mostly because they do not “understand” the what or how a website should work.

More Than Just Marketing

Business automation, increases efficiency, but most business owners are busy dealing with day to day activities, and don’t have the time to keep up to date with all options available to them.  Business takes more than 1 million and 1 things, and more “NEW and IMPROVED” ideas come out every day.  Our consulting gives you insight into new technologies that open posibilities that you may have never heard of.  Create extra time, while cutting costs.  Make your staff more efficient without the headache of having to learn a whole new process.  There is no setup on your end, and we make sure whatever you choose to implement will be easier than you ever imagined.



SEO uses the computer-programmed algorithms to dictate the results shown when people search online.

Website Development

Beautiful designs to showcase your business.  Everything we design is optimized for search engines, and the ultimate customer experience.

Paid Advertising

When it comes to paid advertising,
there is only one formula that matters.
“Money in equals MORE than Money out.”
That’s right.    R.O.I.    Return on investment.


The truth is, most people are new to marketing, even if they have talked with “Marketing Companies” before.  Big agencies, have all the tricks in the book, and usually dont’ work.  The roi is not there, and the one size fits packages hardly ever work.  Our approach is different.  

Social Media Management

3 out of 10 users state they will review a company’s social page before contacting them.
When asked why, the most common response was:  “To make sure they are a real company”

Email Marketing

Send emails, newsletters, and promotions driving repeat customers, additional sales, and extra revenue.

Want to Appear On the Front Page of Google?

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

We are a professional SEO company that specializes in increasing your online visibility and presence.  If you have made it to this page, you know or at least aware that there are customers out there searching for your services and/or products, right now, on Google.   You may also know, if you are not listed within the top 3 search results, you are missing out on a massive portion of business.  However, if you are not “into” all this “computer stuff”, you probably don’t understand the level of importance being “ranked” truly has.  We have the knowledge and experience to Rank high in the search results.  Click the button below to run a complete website audit of your site using our  tools.  We’ll send you a detailed report explaining how your site is viewed from a search engine’s perspective, as well as the steps needed to improve your ranking significantly.  The first step is knowing where you are, only then can you, start working on going where you need to be.

We Make it Easy to do Business With. 

We get results.

Using a Big Marketing Company like YP or Yelp? But STILL not getting the results that you want?  Waka Media Solutions is a team of digital marketing specialists dedicated to providing full stack marketing solutions centered completely around lead generation.

We are looking for hungry business owners looking to expand and grow.  For those who need more leads to achieve their business goals, we offer lead generation a little different than most.

If your website isn’t at the top of page 1 when someone searches for your service on google. You need to fire your SEO company. We want to keep you as a customer for the long term. We get you to the top and keep you there to earn your business!


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